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The New North Star: Outcomes - Mathew Sweezey & Dave Duke - Hard Corps Marketing Show #235

January 15, 2021

How do we define customer success? Is it through the experiences our clients have or by the outcomes they receive?

Host of the 5x award winning podcast The Electronic Propaganda Society, Director of Market Strategy at Salesforce, Mathew Sweezey, alongside, Customer Experience Thought Leader, Host of The Revenue Revolutionaries podcast, Co-Founder & Chief Community Officer at MetaCX, Dave Duke negate the mindset of customer experience as the quintessential element for customer success.



  • At the end of the day our customers are evaluating if they achieved value in this relationship. It’s time to shift our thinking towards our customer’s goals and their overall success. 
  • If outcomes are implemented into business reviews then we will be able to understand what milestones need to be hit in order for us to help clients achieve their goals.
  • An outcome is not created by a single team. Move your organization out of silos and into concentric circles around key moments of the customer journey.
  • It is important to have a conversation with your team and clients how we are presenting our products and services in the context of the outcomes the customer needs to achieve. Features are not a one size fits all. 
  • We have redone our math on customer success. An experience that does not lead to the outcome can always be surpassed by an outcome with a poor experience. But an outcome with a poor experience can always be surpassed by an outcome with a positive experience. 
  • Career Advice: Read more and get as many work experiences as you can!




Busted Myths:

  • Experiences are not the end all be all! The customer’s experience is not the customer’s goal. It is merely the method we use to accomplish their goal.


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