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Passing The ABM Torch to Sales - Christelle Flahaux - Hard Corps Marketing Show #221

October 15, 2020

Account based marketing is all the rage in the marketing community, but are we thinking about it in the correct lens?

A Marketing Thought Leader and VP of Marketing at Fortress IQ, Christelle Flahaux, argues that Account Based Marketing should be overseen by the sales department.



  • ABM is not new. Field marketers have been doing this for decades; technology just caught up to make it easier.
  • Every account is different. You have to understand your customer and how your product fits with them to make them open the door or react. No piece of technology will magically fix that.
  • Do your research! Understand your account’s likes and dislikes to do something that is relevant to that person. This is key for any ABM strategy.
  • Put the power in Sales’ hands when it comes to ABM. They are the ones having the conversations with accounts! Otherwise it will be just like any other inbound campaign.
  • It is difficult to find a product marketer who is a perfect fit. Instead, look for someone who truly understands the product and has experience speaking with customers 1:1.
  • Career advice: You don’t always have to be right, but you do have to try. You learn the most from your biggest failures.




Busted Myths:

  • ABM should not be our demand gen strategy. Instead, ABM should be used as a part of an integrated marketing strategy on the sales end rather than the marketing end.
  • Buying a piece of technology isn’t going to fix your ________ problem. There is a lot of strategy and thinking that needs to happen before you are ready to fix a piece of technology that compliments that strategy.


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