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Remarkable Marketing - Ian Faison - Hard Corps Marketing Show #249

March 25, 2021

Sometimes marketers get so lost in the planning process of the content calendar that they miss the target of why they are putting out that content. What’s the message or purpose? How can we become more memorable?

Creator, Executive Producer and Host of award-winning podcasts The Story and Mission Daily; Advisor at Qualified, Co-Founder of, Co-Founder of VETCON, CEO & Founder of Caspian Studios, Ian Faison, dives into the deliberate and storytelling aspects of your marketing content.



  • Editors are crucial for creating marketing content. Focus on communicating quality content on your channels rather than the content calendar itself.
  • “There’s no such thing as writer's block; it’s reader’s block. It means you haven’t consumed enough information to be intelligent about the subject that you are writing.” ~Ian
  • Create an asset that people want to subscribe to by tapping into something that people love. Taking storytelling cues from the media and Hollywood assists in developing memorable content.
  • Remarkable content is all about the preparation. Take the time to do the research on why you are creating this content and who you are creating it for to be purposeful and deliberate.
  • Give yourself permission to be creative - marketers often forget about the differentiation aspect of their content. Make it clear to your audience why your content is unique.
  • Career Advice - You don’t know how to connect the dots until you’ve made the dots.




Busted Myths:

  • Marketing is all about great content. Step away from the “Race to the Bottom” and go the extra mile to construct remarkable marketing content. 


Shout Outs:

  • 4:54 Seth Godin
  • 17:39 Harry Dry
  • 18:30 Ed Nevraumont
  • 19:45 The Oracle
  • 19:47 Nate Skinner


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