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Sales Leader Talks Alignment - Catie Ivey - Hard Corps Marketing Show #201

September 10, 2020

Marketing and Sales alignment has made leaps and bound within the past few years. What can we do as sales or marketing professionals to strengthen that bond to have true cohesion?

A Sales Leader, ABM Advocate, Regional Vice President of Demandbase, Catie Ivey, discusses the power of communication to unite sales and marketing teams toward their missions.



  • Learn what your sales counterpart cares about: how the sales team works, who does what, KPIs, how big the target account list is, where that list comes from, access to intent data, etc.
  • Ask for feedback between marketing and sales teams’ initiatives. This opens lines of communication between the teams to solve changes and evolve harmoniously.
  • Be more daring and take chances. It is ok to make mistakes. Own up to them and learn from them! 
  • More technology elevates the need for human connection. Use the data that automation and systems gather to tailor future discussions or discoveries.
  • ABM is all about sifting through data to find target accounts and then pulling in different technology to personalize experiences.
  • Career advice: Take risks and stress less! You do not need to be perfect.




Busted Myths:

  • Sales people are not motivated by money! From passion, to selling something that has an impact, to problem solving for customers, there are many layers to the motivations behind people sales.
  • Sales and Marketing alignment has evolved, however, communication and consistency between the departments still has a long way to go. True alignment will become possible when they are celebrating the same victories.


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