The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Sharpening Your Sales Strategy - Garner White - Hard Corps Marketing Show #032

July 5, 2018

Get out your notebooks for this insightful episode about building a high caliber sales career with Sales Manager and Regional Vice President at Salesforce, Garner White. 

We discuss the many challenges that are common in a sales career, the importance of setting attainable sales goals and of course, smash some serious myths.



  • Focus on doing the little things well. That’s the best way to do the good things well.
  • Set simple sub-goals and check back in on them after a short period of time to stay on top of them.
  • Be realistic with your goals and metrics. It’s okay to have big goals but in order to get there, set realistic, smaller ones.
  • Remember, there are other ways of building value other than dollars. You can also build value through developing lists and databases.
  • Be transparent about your current marketing situation. Don’t pretend to be at step 10 if you’re only at step one.
  • Know your buyer, the areas your people are at and the things they can relate to.
  • You’ve always got to be on your game. Keep you skills sharp. It takes a lot of hard work and endurance and it’s not an overnight success.
  • Research and know your client’s business so you can provide intent and context with your conversation. It’s hard to sell to them if you don’t know anything about them.
  • Courage isn’t fun. It’s okay to be scared or nervous but courage is the decision to give it your all despite your doubts of success.
  • Learn to work with others as a team; it helps keep you accountable and creates a much better work environment. You’re not going to be successful as a lone wolf.
  • Associate yourself with positive, like-minded people. Avoid toxic mentalities and tendencies to complain.