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Social Media Slayer - Christoph Trappe - Hard Corps Marketing Show #224

October 21, 2020

An Influential Content Marketing Thought Leader, Top 14 Content Marketer, Top 100 Digital Marketer, Top 40 B2B Marketer, Author of #1 Content Performance Culture, Chief Content Marketing Officer for The Authentic Storyteller Project, Christoph Trappe, chats about different ways to enhance your social media presence.



  • There is no perfect time to post something on social media! Your audience may not be exposed to it right away due to the algorithms on the platforms.
  • Consider using audio tweets and gifs as a way to interact with your target audience. They both add a personal touch to your social media engagements.
  • There is a difference between trying to capitalize and being authentic. Podcasts show your authenticity because it can be difficult to hide one’s true self.
  • Repurpose content on different platforms to get complete promotion coverage. Make sure you always link to your website because then you are able to target and remarket to them.
  • If you are performing a content performance culture model while retargeting visitors to your website, keep an eye on your metrics. Are you attracting your true audience?




Busted Myths:

  • Social media followings should not be a top priority. Just because you have a large following does not mean that people will see your content. Think about who you are trying to reach.


Shout Outs:

  • 05:47 Rob and Kennedy - The Email Marketing Show
  • 43:30 Voice Strategy by Susan & Scott Westwater


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