The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Solving the Puzzle of Marketing - Alyssa Kleinman - Hard Corps Marketing Show #111

December 12, 2019

Without a plan and process of how to get things done, marketing can seem like a puzzle that you cannot solve.

A marketing leader, an official member of Forbes Communications Council, and the VP Demand Generation at CipherHealth, Alyssa Kleinman, presents agile marketing to help solve the marketing puzzle. 

If you have ever wanted to know more about implementing an agile process for your team or are just looking for a way to have your team get aligned in the coming year, then listen to this episode!



  • Agile marketing is a process designed to help your team operate in a fluid manner. It allows your team to adapt when something is not working or when a change needs to happen.
  • Two-week sprints are planning meetings where the individual team members share what they have learned from the past two weeks, then the whole group collaborates to scope the next two weeks, then individual duties and tasks are decided.
  • Two-week sprint meetings are about prioritization. What tasks need to be prioritized in the next two weeks to contribute towards the next stage of your project, or epic?
  • Often times, marketers receive ideas or requests from other departments. Rather than responding urgently every time, unless warranted, consider taking that idea or request to the next sprint meeting to discuss with the rest of your team before jumping in.
  • Agile teams have a Scrum Master that is in charge of understanding the pulse of the team and allowing for others to address challenges. The Scrum Master keeps track of the tasks of focus for each two-week sprint and if a task is taking longer than normal, they reach out to see if something needs to change to help task completion.
  • When scoping your tasks for two-weeks, do not book 100% of your time. Meetings, conferences, and interruptions need be accounted for. On the other side, if 100% of your tasks get accomplished in the two-week sprint, there was probably not enough to accomplish. The best ball-park to aim for is 75-85% completion of your sprint tasks in a two-week span.
  • A daily stand-up meeting is from about 10-15 minutes and serves as a check-in for the team so that when the two-week sprint comes, there are no surprises.
  • With agile, every quarter there is an epic or project planning meeting where all of senior leadership comes together and discusses the goals to accomplish each quarter. The epics for the quarter are then planned around the strategic priorities of the company to which the goals of marketing are aligned.
  • Stay open to opportunities and make sure that you do not silo yourself if there is a bigger goal you want to achieve in your career.




Busted Myths:

  • Implementing agile marketing is hard. - This is NOT the case, with a little bit of practice and dedication, it can be done.
  • There is often a war between marketing and sales. - There does not have to be a war between marketing and sales. If your leadership is aligned and marketing and sales have the same goals, then there does not need to be a war. How are the actions of marketing contributing to the shared goals of sales?


Shout Outs:

  • 39:13 - Jason Yuhas
  • 39:20  - Eric Kunz