The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Stewards of Brand - Jonathan Rowe - Hard Corps Marketing Show #254

April 29, 2021

A Marketing Thought Leader, Author, Former Professor, CMO at nCino, Jonathan Rowe, discusses best practices for building and defining your brand internally and externally.



  • “Before and while doing marketing activities ask yourself the question: How am I going to measure the success, the value, and impact of this?” ~Jonathan
  • Once your brand and what you want to represent is defined, turn the mission and vision into your marketing activities. Reflect it throughout your company.
  • “Marketers need to be curious, ask questions, listen, and often be creative or thoughtful because there isn’t one ecret answer.” ~Jonathan
  • Career Advice: Don’t stress about what is next. Enjoy the moment.




Busted Myths:

  • Marketing is often the first funding that gets cut during a financial crisis. However, the purpose of marketing is to help and drive revenue.
  • Marketing is more than a “make things pretty” center. It is a strategic part of the organization in making decisions for all the internal and external stakeholders.
  • Marketing does not own the brand. It belongs to and is shaped by the company, employees, customers, and the community.  Marketing communicates the values of the brand.
  • Company culture branding is a tremendous opportunity in terms of defining it, sharing that authentic culture, and turning it into action.
  • Authenticity is key to keeping your audience’s trust.


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