The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Stop Blogging, Start Podcasting - Michael Greenberg - Hard Corps Marketing Show #84

June 18, 2019

How long does it take you to write a blog article? To research it, create the content, edit it, play with the title, find supplemental images, and then style the body?

Now think of a conversation between a host and an expert. In a 30 minute conversation, how long of a transcript is created? Much longer than an article, perhaps it’s the length of two or three articles?

A B2B Growth & Podcast Strategist, the Host of Talk with the Top: Chicago, and the CEO & Chief Interviewer of Call for Content, Michael Greenberg, delivers a call for action to start with a podcast when creating content, not a blog. Check out this episode and rethink B2B marketing content creation!



  • “Blogs are the worst thing of all content options you could start with.”-Michael Greenberg
  • Create an outline to have a structured transcription from a podcast. Create headings, then questions, then bullet points before doing the interview.
  • Buyer personas are the first thing to consider when creating a B2B podcast. Who are you trying to reach? Then comes your audience.
  • You could have your guests be partners and then your audience be prospects. You could also have your guests be prospects to develop the customer relationship.
  • A seasonal podcast is about 8-12 episodes and the story line of content is planned with an arc. Think about the content you want to create, the order of interviews, and the talking points that should tie the episodes together.
  • When deciding whether to do a podcast or a webinar for content, “plan for one, repurpose as another.”-Michael Greenberg
  • To pull more conversation out of an interviewee, listen and then count to five in your head, the guest will usually keep talking to break the silence.
  • A podcast’s audience determines the structure, style, tone, and the music of the show. For example, if the audience is typically listening on their commute, the pace of the show should be slower.
  • Using a podcast for ABM works because the business can target the top accounts and have the prospects on the show. Touchpoint number one could be the business inviting the guest, touchpoint number two, the prep call, and then touchpoint number three could be recording an episode of 30 minutes or more. Then a relationship is developed.
  • A podcast’s audience trusts the show’s brand. They have followed their episodes, listened to their conversations, and have already started to build a customer relationship.




Busted Myths

  • Don’t start with a blog when creating content. Start with a video or a podcast. The product can then be transcribed into multiple blog articles and creating the content becomes cheaper and faster. More content can be created from an hour conversation rather than an hour of writing an article.