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Target Marketing Toolbox - Nick Wojdyla - Hard Corps Marketing Show #202

September 11, 2020

Marketing strategies are evolving constantly. In today’s climate personas are a key target marketing component. Making personas has become normalized, but is that what is effective for your prospective clients?

A Marketing Leader, 2019 Salesforce Limitless Award Winner, 2020 Salesforce Marketing Champion, Director of Digital Marketing and Communications at Cummins Inc, Nick Wojdyla, simplifies how to best target your audience using keywords and context.



  • Do research to find what other questions prospective customers could be asking when purchasing similar products. This will help find what keywords or terms to use to promote ads.
  • Copy and pasting what “Company A” is doing does not mean it will be successful for “Company B.” 
  • Look at the high level objectives and what campaigns will make the goal successful. If you jump into the “how” then you could be fixed into that one way of obtaining the goal.
  • Buying the best tools or having the best tactics does not mean there will be success. Planning is key!
  • Career advice: If something does not exist try to go and invent it!




Busted Myths:

  • Sometimes when we create personas we can get fixed on the people that fit that box. However, people who fit the profile may not be ready or need that product. Instead  consider using the context, time and place, such as a particular website for targeting.


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