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The Agile Marketing Transformation - Femi Olajiga - Hard Corps Marketing Show #199

September 7, 2020

Agile marketing is a strategy that assists a cross-functional team’s productivity. Utilizing this strategy can help companies zero in on what they need to improve on.

An Agile Marketing Transformation Coach, Agile Digital Marketing Consultant, Author of Lean Agile Marketing, Founder and Managing Director of CX Conversion, Femi Olajiga, delves into the true purpose of agile marketing and how to utilize it in your company.



  • Linking agile marketing information into business results starts with understanding what problem the team is trying to solve. 
  • Agile is great in helping visualize what problems a company has. It allows leaders to take a new perspective and break down what steps need to be taken to fulfill the marketing strategy.
  • A great marketer by default does not need agile, but agile can help assist with establishing a process for executing daily tasks.
  • Look at marketing like a soccer team. Everyone has their own position, but in every great team there is the person who takes on multiple roles. It’s all about skill development!
  • Agile does not fix problems. It sheds light on what fracture points are in a team. From there a plan can be made to improve these fracture points.
  • Career advice: Learn diplomacy early on.




Busted Myths:

  • Marketers try to fit marketing into agile. This caused an uneven distribution of focus on marketing. Agile is a process based methodology rather than business focused. 
  • Agile has become all about training. It has been monetized in the IT world. Take a step back and ask do we need training or are we working efficiently?


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