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The Consumer Behavior Crystal Ball - Shawn Schwegman - Hard Corps Marketing Show #256

October 7, 2021

A Data-Driven Marketing Leader, Entrepreneur, Top 10 Internet Retailer, Top 10 Mobile App, Top 40 US Website Property, Top 5 US Mobile Site, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Shawn Schwegman, dives into the search engine optimization and how to align your content to consumer behavior.


Busted Myths:

  • It is not about word count; it’s about the right words. In order to rank on Google, it comes down to understanding the network of content in the buyer’s journey.
  • It does not take six months to rank for search engine optimization. It takes two and half weeks if you understand the science and the network behind SEO.



  • “The secret sauce isn’t in the data. The secret sauce is in the math that you use to write and process the data. I need to know as a marketer how I should prioritize my content roadmap. What matters in the lens of the consumer?” ~Shawn
  • “The data outside your walls matters ten times more than the data that you have inside your walls when it comes to aligning to consumer behavior.” ~Shawn
  • Create contextual relevance and a complete network of interconnected content on your site pages to help you rank higher on Google searches.
  • If consumers care about a content topic or question, so should your team. This forms a relationship with the consumer and builds trust while creating a complete SEO network on your site.
  • Career Advice: Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, focus on the data that you don’t have, and learn to manage your work life balance.



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