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The Content Marketing Jedi - Lucy Graham - Hard Corps Marketing Show #217

October 8, 2020

Everyone believes that they have great content. However is your content connecting with your audience in a way that is benefiting their customer journey?

A Marketing Leader, Salesforce and Pardot Specialist, and Marketing Strategist, Lucy Graham, chats about the importance of having content that is relevant to your audience.



  • Focus on getting your message across in a holistic way that matches the buyer’s journey. The key piece is catering to their needs and wants through content.
  • Get leads from target accounts that are engaging with content such as webinars and digital media that have people click forward. These are warmer leads because they show a peak in interest with what you are providing.
  • Have live speakers and engagement in your content. This will ensure that you are getting what you want across while being relevant to your audience.
  • Be open to getting feedback and collaborating with other people. Just because things have been done the same way for so long doesn’t mean new ideas won’t work too.
  • Career advice: Seek the positivity in all your opportunities.





Busted Myths:

  • Everyone thinks that their content is what people are expecting and want. In some cases, it has become so inverted that the content is all about the company and their goals rather than the customer journey.


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