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The Content Miner - Kristen Sweeney - Hard Corps Marketing Show #183

August 12, 2020

Every business needs quality content. It allows a company to bring in more business by engaging with current and prospective customers. However, content creation can oftentimes result in writer's block. How do we avoid getting stuck and find the right message?

A Marketing Consultant, Ghost Writer, Copywriter, Editor, Owner of Kristen Sweeney Consulting, Kristen Sweeney, shares tips and tricks on how to help business leaders assemble quality content creation.



  • When creating content you do not need to be an expert on the topic. Instead chat with an expert in order to get the information needed. Go to the source!
  • Tip #1 for Content Creation: While facilitating conversations for content, have an airtight system for capturing what the thought leader is saying such as a transcription provider. This will help make the content sound more authentic to the leader.
  • Tip #2 for Content Creation: While facilitating conversations for content, empathize that this is a space to brain dump all of their ideas. This will help break the self editing habit some leaders possess. 
  • Tip #3 for Content Creation: While facilitating conversations for content, mine from any existing content available. Whether it be a voice memo, past presentation, or partial notes written down, quality content can be found in many other resources.
  • Ask questions! If you are not sure about a term or concept being used in a piece of content, then the audience might not know what it is either. This will assist in bringing out new ideas!
  • Career advice: Your trajectory does not have to be a straight line. It is ok to have multiple career passions!




Busted Myths:

  • High value content is hard. - We often believe that if something has value it has to be difficult to achieve. Companies get stuck trying to either create the perfect content or create content that is full of buzzwords and fluff. Empower leaders to share the information and have another individual organize it. This will help easily facilitate information.


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