The Hard Corps Marketing Show

The Content Strategy EXPLOSION - Andy Crestodina - Hard Corps Marketing Show #009

March 8, 2018

This episode is why content strategy will make you cry tears of joy! Prepare for launch as we blast off with the oracle Andy Crestodina, Chief Marketing Officer & Co-founder of Orbit Media Studios! 

We undertake this mission to learn what you should be doing with your content, how to rocket boost an article, the benefit of trigrams, and which myths to obliterate!


  • Original research CRUSHES all other forms of content
  • Work harder at headlines
    • Indicate a benefit, be descriptive, & give people value
  • Great content does NOT win
    • Strongest factor for results = Promotion > Quality
  • Social media is for networking, not leads!
  • 3 hours 20 minutes is the average time it takes to write an article
  • #1 tactic that correlates with strong results is influencer marketing