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The Customer View Journey - Bill Schick - Hard Corps Marketing Show #230

November 19, 2020

Data driven approaches are great for creating logical predictions for how customers will interact with content. However, people are not cut and paste. It’s time to take a more personal approach and think like the customer.

A Marketing Leader, Strategist, Artist, Writer, Speaker, Fractional CMO, Founder of The ABM Journal, Founder and Chief Marketing Strategist at MESH Interactive Agency, Bill Schick, shares his knowledge of customer viewpoint.



  • Following a very rational data approach to marketing runs the risk of going down the same path as competitors. There is no one forum to marketing success.
  • Try adding a humanistic approach to marketing. People want to know who is on the company’s team and why you created what you have created.
  • Present data or a view that those who have financial jurisdiction respect above their own. This will promote alignment and overcome any preconceived views the individual may have about something.
  • Don’t be afraid to be experimental when it comes to account based marketing. Try creating a strategy that has an unexpected angle that relates to the conversation and their work reality.
  • Create experiences that teach or that have interactive components. This allows sales representatives to have a more personal connection early on to start the conversation with customers.
  • Career advice: Don’t feed into the fear of risk. Make the jump!




Busted Myths:

  • Not everybody can be in marketing. It takes a special kind of person to do the digging and be creative!


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