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The Flywheel of Progress - Kelly Grover - Hard Corps Marketing Show #241

February 11, 2021

How do we better communicate between the product, marketing, and sales department? How can we improve our product marketing process?

An Award Winning Marketing Thought Leader, Business Strategist, Director of Marketing Communications at Taconic Biosciences, Kelly Grover, discusses how to improve success and communication throughout your company.



  • Success in product marketing is dependent on three things: having a defined process, data, and engagement across all departments.
  • “Technology is an enabler, but it is not a strategy.” ~Kelly Grover
  • When starting ABM, make it simple. You can always add complexity to your systems, but you can’t ever remove it if you baked it into its basic functionality.
  • Account based marketing is a corporate level strategy that should be a company decision opposed to a single department.
  • Elevate to the CMO position by thinking outside of marketing and solving corporate level problems. 
  • Career Advice: It is an unrealistic goal to think that you or your journey is perfect. You are going to make mistakes along the way. The stumbles are the stories.




Shout Out:

  • 29:34 Sangram Vajre


Busted Myths:

  • The go-to-market strategy pathway is not a linear line; it’s a feedback loop. We are constantly refining and improving that process between the product, marketing, and sales team.
  • Sales should not be thought of as an internal customer, but rather in partnership with marketing. Understand their day to day pressures and motivations to drive success.


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