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The Fractional CMO Career Ascension - Casey Stanton - Hard Corps Marketing Show #213

October 1, 2020

A Marketing Leader, Marketing Coach and Consultant, Fractional CMO, Speaker, Podcast Host of Your Perfect Marketing Strategy, Founder of CMOx, Casey Stanton, delves into an alternative ascent for a marketing career.



  • A Fractional CMO has the benefit of long-term contracts like a CMO. This allows for more stability in the business, stability in income, and work with the best clients.
  • Fractional CMOs are a happy medium between marketing consulting and CMO. It gives you authority without the unnecessary noise in an organization.
  • Becoming a Fractional CMO before a CMO will allow you to have more experience in strategy. This will make you more appealing for the promotion.
  • Have more legs that support you. Instead of having a few high priced clients acquire multiple clients. This allows for more stability and a cushion if a client leaves.
  • Career advice: Focus on the slow to change aspects in your life and you will have less anxiety about the future.




Busted Myths:

  • You should not have to wait 17 years to ascend in your career as a marketer to become a CMO of an organization. The wait is unnecessary as the role of the CMO is the shortest lived executive role.
  • Marketing consulting is not a stable income stream. It is tough to always have recurring revenue.


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