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The General of Generalists - Joanie Wang - Hard Corps Marketing Show #255

May 6, 2021

A Thought Leader, Collaborator, Conversationalist, Director of Marketing & Brand at Expensify, Joanie Wang, breaks the stigma behind becoming a generalist over a specialist.



  • “My career has been cultivating different skills because of what I am interested in. Humans are very versatile. They aren’t interested in only one thing. There are so many different things that connect with each other.”
  • The more you understand how different sections of your business work the more likely you’re able to come up with interesting plans or ideas that knock out your current goal and help solve other problems others may be facing.
  • When in the process of creating an ad, look for inspiration everywhere and from everyone on your team. For example, an engineer or designer may also be a consumer and can help brainstorm ideas.
  • The key skill of the generalist is you can pick things up really quickly and deep dive into the topic whenever you need to.
  • While creating tv ads decide what content you want to put out, is video the right medium, and how you reach your audience. Meet your audience where they are.
  • “What do we want to do with this [content]? If we want people to care we have to think more deeply about what they care about and what they want to spend their time thinking about so we can figure out a way to be a part of that conversation.” ~Joanie
  • Career Advice: Do what you need to do to prepare so that you can spot opportunities of what you want to do for your career.




Shout Out:

  • 33:15 Alexis Emond


Busted Myths:

  • There is a misconception that being a generalist and being good at everything means you are good at nothing. A generalist specializes in something over and over again. They are able to connect the dots each step of the way.


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