The Hard Corps Marketing Show

The Growth Operations Mastermind - Melissa McCready - Hard Corps Marketing Show #134

March 9, 2020

Leaders often discuss the importance of having a growth mindset. Without it, people, processes, and goals become stagnant. If growth is so important, why is it not a defined operational piece in so many organizations? 

A Speaker, Growth Operations Expert, President of Marketing Operations Cross-Company Alliance, and Founder and CEO of Navigate Consultant Group, Melissa McCready, dissects what growth operations really is and how to execute it as a part of your business processes for an increased revenue result.



  • “Growth operations is revenue operations. Growth is what you are doing and operations is how you do it.” - Melissa McCready
  • Growth operations should be focused on treating customers and employees well. If employees are mistreated, this will reflect to the customer.
  • All departments that come in contact with the customer, need to be aligned in order to have consistent messaging across the customer journey.
  • In the process of trying to understand your buyer, talk to your channel partners and get their take.
  • Constantly read, learn, and network to grow in your career.
  • When creating a customer journey that makes a story, think about the processes that need to be defined throughout the different stages.
  • A gap analysis on the customer journey asks, what process do you have in place now, what tools are you using, what is working, what is not working, and what changes need to be made?
  • How do you get people to influence change? Answer the question of, why should they care?
  • Career Advice from Melissa McCready - Networking is critical, so be sure to do it and develop your people skills. Learn how to say no without saying no and pay attention to how other people speak and act.




Busted Myths:

  • Everyone uses and defines the term revenue operations appropriately. - A more appropriate term would be growth operations, because growth is what a business is trying to accomplish where revenue is the result. It is not just the director of sales, but sales working with marketing, customer success, and channel operations.
  • Org structures are one size fits all. - One org structure does not fit every company. It depends on the people and the mindset the business has.
  • Everyone with a technology certification is an expert. - Just because someone has a certification, does not mean they are an expert. They need to have experience in applying the technology in actual business situations.


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