The Hard Corps Marketing Show

The Key to Rehumanize Your Business - Ethan Beute - Hard Corps Marketing Show #95

September 5, 2019

Videos are everywhere. You may be thinking, videos are great, I love watching them, but I do not want to be the one in front of the camera. Are you a marketer, salesperson, in customer success, or anyone in business? Then it is time to be on video.

A Marketing Strategist, Author, Podcast Host, and the Chief Evangelist at BombBomb, Ethan Beute, delivers a breath of fresh air to the audience to say that videos do not have to be overproduced, to be great. Do you have doubts about video? Then check out this episode!



  • The Shiny Authenticity Aversion - We are all so familiar with marketing that is produced and well package, that now a consumer’s guard is up when they experience something like this. The trend is going towards that people want authenticity.
  • “Sometimes the simplest videos get the most engagement.”-Ethan Beute
  • The quality of the video that needs to be made, can be determined by the context that video product will be in. Think about the audience volume it will reach and the longevity that the video will be accessible.
  • Videos can be worked into marketing automation. Think about what part of your marketing is lacking that human touch?
  • “[Videos] are about leading with your very best sales asset, yourself.”-Ethan Beute
  • Your first video may not be great, but accept it is a normal part of the process.
  • Get over the fear of being vulnerable and just start taking videos. Have confidence in yourself and your sincerity to the topic of content you deliver.
  • You cannot fake the time and attention that a video communicates. Taking a video shows that you care.
  • Text can be interpreted in several ways but with video, the tone and message are clear.
  • An example of using video for your business could be in your customer experience department. Take the top five tickets that department receives and turn the solutions to those top five, high volume tickets, into videos. This then makes a scalable process.
  • “Ultimately we come to life in connection with other people.”-Ethan Beute
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Busted Myths:

  • To do video well, you need to have a producer and the right lighting. - This is not the case. You do not need to outsource a video for production as a lot of the videos that get the highest engagement are the ones that are authentic without the glossy finish. People want to connect with what they can trust, something that is real.