The Hard Corps Marketing Show

The Disruptive Marketer’s Keys to Differentiation - Geoffrey Colon - Hard Corps Marketing Show #118

January 13, 2020

In today’s digital world, the latest news, reviews, and competitive insights, are at the buyer’s finger tips instantly. If your business does not stand out from your competitors, how are you going to grab the buyer’s attention?

The Author of Disruptive Marketing, Podcast Host of Disruptive FM, and the Head of Brand Studio, Microsoft Advertising, Geoffrey Colon, challenges marketers to stand out among their competitors to create unique experiences for their buyers. 

This episode covers branding, redesigning processes, encouragement for reinvention, and discusses trends on podcasts, buying experiences, and career advice, that every marketer can use. Check it out!



  • What kind of in-person experience can you provide to your customers in conjunction with the digital marketing that you are doing? 
  • As businesses move into the digital space, they are all starting to look the same. How can your business differentiate itself from the rest?
  • Brands are now more important than ever. A brand is what your company stands for and what your buyers can connect with. It is important to make sure that your brand stands out from your competitors. 
  • As businesses reinvent themselves, they need to factor in that mistakes will be made. Human error is inevitable.
  • To stay competitive, companies need to reinvent themselves to evolve with changes in the market and with the trends of their buyer behaviors.
  • Have the curiosity to go and experience an interesting trend or process, rather than doubting it right away. For example, look at podcasts, short-form video, and Netflix, these are trends that took off that people in the past may have ignored because they said, "That will not take off."
  • Career advice from Geoffrey Colon - Don’t sweat the small stuff and find people to work with that have had experiences with failure and have learned from their past.




Busted Myths:

  • In marketing, trends and processes die out. - This is NOT the case, nothing really dies in marketing. Things just reconfigure and evolve or hybrid processes are created. 
  • Traditional marketing does not work anymore, only digital matters. - Businesses need to do a blend of traditional and digital marketing. The traditional physical touches with buyers still work when properly placed. Businesses need to understand their buyers and know when traditional marketing is needed and when digital marketing is needed.