The Hard Corps Marketing Show

The Magic of Marketing Data - Grayson Daniels - Hard Corps Marketing Show #45

October 4, 2018

You’ll start to feel like a marketing wizard when you use these data personalization power tips from Certified Pardot Consultant, and Director of Professional Services at Cheshire Impact, Grayson Daniels.

In this episode we talk about the power that accurate data brings to your personalization strategy and what you can do to clean up messy data you might already have. No spells necessary, just a little hardcore magic for your marketing.



  • Email delivery is very important. Dirty lists can cause delivery problems, give you a bad email reputation and impact the success of your campaign.
  • Work for progress not perfection. What’s most important is that you take steps to constantly improve over time.
  • Don’t try to go leaps and bounds with data. Keep it simple and you’ll miss less.
  • You need accurate data. If your data isn’t accurate, your reports won’t be and consequently, neither will your future plans.
  • When cleaning up your data, start with the email addresses. It’s the easiest to do and there are email tools you can use to cleanse that list.
  • Go for the small wins like cleaning up the fields, especially the country/state fields. It’s tedious but helpful and will make a difference.
  • When gathering data, use the least amount of text fields possible. Human error can lead to typos and spelling errors which can contaminate your data.
  • Use picklists or dropdowns to limit the amount of choices and make it easier for people to give you their information.