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The Pipeline Problem - Sangram Vajre - Hard Corps Marketing Show #200

September 9, 2020

Many companies are starting to implement account based marketing into their strategies. How do we transition to an all around customer based thought process? 

A Marketing Leader, Entrepreneur, Author of Account Based Marketing for Dummies and ABM Is B2B, Speaker, Host of Flip My Funnel Podcast, Chief Evangelist and Co-Founder of Terminus, Sangram Vajre, delves into account based marketing and how to create a unified customer experience.



  • Take a moment to recognize what is the most important aspect for your business to move forward. Be a business that is not best in the world, but best for the world.

  • Sales closes accounts, not leads. Think about your marketing to sales hand-off process and consider sending over groups of contacts as an account, rather than one lead at a time.

  • Marketers have the most hands on relationship with their customers. In order to have a united purpose it is your responsibility to make sure coworkers are informed on who you are serving.

  • If you stop worrying about credit then you will earn inbound as a byproduct rather than forcing it with multiple emails and nurture.

  • “I believe that the next generation of companies are going to be companies that create a really unified experience.” ~Sangram Vajre

  • Consistency creates massive outcomes. Having a set time or place to find your content allows viewers themselves to become consistent to build a community.




Busted Myths:

  • Most companies do not have a demand problem, they have a pipeline problem. The more accounts you have to drive to your pipeline then the more you have to search through to find the right accounts.

  • If you are doing account based then do not focus on Marketing Qualified Leads. If the account is important then go after it!


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