The Hard Corps Marketing Show

The Power of Storytelling Changes Everything - Tom Gerace - Hard Corps Marketing Show #021

May 3, 2018

Brace your brains for this exceptional episode on the future of marketing via brand storytelling with Tom Gerace, founder of Skyword!

Learn the methodology behind brand stories, why the marketing world has been turned upside down, how the brain uses storytelling to make decisions, and the myths that get absolutely obliterated!


  • Human discovery has changed; search & social have altered how people learn, act, & interact with brands & their relationships with them
  • Customers ignore & distrust marketing; what worked 5 years ago does not work anymore
  • The future = original storytelling that creates unique & valuable experiences for customers
  • The brain stores moments of change & whether the outcome was painful or pleasurable; decisions are made from emotionally referencing those moments
  • Stories are unique in their ability to affect how people think & behave; be responsible with that power  
  • Life goes out of balance & in order for marketing to be authentic, brands need to address that shit happens


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