The Hard Corps Marketing Show

The Pursuit of Thought Leadership - Daniel Cordell - Hard Corps Marketing Show #114

January 2, 2020

You love what you do, you take in content, get inspired, and then what happens? Do you share what you have learned? Did you ever consider yourself to be a thought leader?

A veteran in interactive design, a marketer, entrepreneur, technologist, and Business Consultant and Marketing Strategist at Cheshire Impact, Daniel Cordell, encourages listeners to invest in those around them and be a thought leader as it pertains to their career.

This episode is filled with inspirational definitions of leadership, professional development ideas, and career advice for every marketer. Check it out!



  • Leadership is about building others up, contributing to something bigger than yourself, and taking initiative. 
  • There are different terms that are associated with leadership. How do those terms apply to your career path?
  • Strive to be in a professional environment where people build each other up.
  • Content is a big part of thought leadership, but it does not have to be the written word. Use what you are passionate about to contribute content whether it is with graphic design, video, photography, podcasts, or creating a video game.
  • Investing in others can turn into a longer relationship for future connections.
  • If you gain the experience of getting certified or earning another level of professional development in your career, share your experience.
  • Think about where you want to develop in your career and then where you want to bring value and pursue those paths.
  • Career advice from Daniel: Build others up in every work environment. Every person you interact with is an opportunity for you to build that person up and to create a life-long relationship.




Busted Myths:

  • Thought leadership is only for people in positions of leadership. - This is NOT the case. Thought leadership is about taking what content and experiences that you have learned from, inspired you, and how they apply to your career, and then sharing it with others. How can you contribute to those around you in your industry?
  • Only marketing team members with a content background can contribute content. - Compiling content is a team effort, including those outside of the content marketing niche. Content can take the form of video, graphic design, podcasts, development, or a gaming program.