The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Max Value Social Convos - Kevin Micalizzi - Hard Corps Marketing Show #017

April 19, 2018

Join us as we investigate the world of technology and social media with rockstar Kevin Micalizzi, Host of the Quotable sales podcast!

We establish the social media mindset B2B needs to thrive, why you don’t need to be a writer to win at content, the importance of strategy before technology, and the myths that should get blown to pieces!


  • Companies need to know the big picture when using social; know the buyer’s journey
  • You don’t have to create brand new content to make great use of social
    • Add your own commentary to content you share
  • Always be authentic on social media
  • Use LinkedIn to post quick videos that discuss the value of content you share
  • You don’t have to be a writer in the content game; find what medium works!
  • Determine the strategy & process before the technology & tools


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