The Hard Corps Marketing Show

The Social Doctor - Leila Samii - Hard Corps Marketing Show #020

May 1, 2018

Class is in session this episode with marvelous social media scholar Dr. Leila Samii, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Southern New Hampshire University!

Take a seat as we get schooled on the significance of empowering brand advocates, how to build relationships with a target audience, why some companies still don’t do social, and the myths that get smashed!


  • Stop only selling on social; that approach alienates people who just want to learn about the brand
  • 58% of companies don’t know their brand advocates; identify & use them!
  • Social media is all about content; providing it educates people about your brand!
  • Be social on social media; engage through likes, shares, & comments with your target audience
  • A first step in building brand awareness is following keywords related to your brand
  • Measure your strategy to be more intentional with content & to deliver what the audience actually wants