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The Social Media Sage - Chantelle Marcelle - Hard Corps Marketing Show #197

September 3, 2020

Social media is constantly evolving and changing. How do we create an authentic brand while not sounding like just a follower of what is trending?

A Thought Leader, B2B Brand Strategist, Content Writer, Social Media Consultant, Senior Marketing and Customer Acquisition Manager at Herrmann, Chantelle Marcelle, chats about how to formulate your social media and getting to the core of authenticity.



  • Currently marketing is very cautious because they fear of looking like they don’t care. Take action rather than just sharing a generic social justice message. 
  • Social media listening is a key part to marketing strategy. Look at what the broader discussion is about or hashtags to navigate delicate situations.
  • Practice inclusive marketing by having a range of diversity, thought, and experience at the table when creating your marketing strategy. More voices give more perspectives!
  • Your social media strategy should be intentional to match the voice that your brand is projecting. This allows for more of a conversation rather than coming off as a robot.
  • More white space and less blocks of texts are great for crafting strong writing on LinkedIn. 
  • Career advice: Relax and enjoy the journey! Failure is a natural part of life.




Busted Myths:

  • If your brand is putting out messages that support a current empathetic situation, then take action to show that the company embodies the values they are protecting. Walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk.


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