The Hard Corps Marketing Show

The Spray and Pray Marketing Trap - Robb Northrup - Hard Corps Marketing Show #151

May 11, 2020

In the digital age of marketing, there are so many places that marketers can put their content. There are thousands of emails they can send, multiple social media platforms they can post to, and plenty of websites to place their ads.

If marketing keeps doing everything to everyone, they will not be anything to anyone.

A B2B Marketing Expert, Brand Strategist, and the Director, Marketing & Communications at siffron, Robb Northrup, challenges marketers to break free of the spray and pray mentality and to prioritize efforts that drive results.



  • To get out of the spray and pray method, focus on your company goals and prioritize the marketing efforts that drive results to win business objectives.
  • The leadership of both marketing and sales need to be on board in order to properly align both departments.
  • Find out what differentiates your business from your competitors and use that in your marketing.
  • “Instead of creating tons of content, create the right content that sets you apart, engages your customer, and draws them into whatever you’re promoting.” - Robb Northrup
  • Part of knowing your customer is understanding what they are trying to achieve from a business standpoint. At the end of the day, you want to make your customer look like a rockstar.
  • If you cannot get in front of your customers to better understand them, talk to your sales team. Ask them, who are the people that they talk to on a regular basis? What are they like? What are their pain points?
  • Do not be afraid to try new things.
  • Career Advice from Robb Northrup - Be kind and a better person.




Busted Myths:

  • Marketing has to be everywhere and do everything. - This is NOT the case. If marketing tries to scale their efforts according to this method, they are going to sacrifice, quality, time, and their resources. Marketing has to prioritize their efforts on campaigns that are getting results and ones that are tied to company goals.


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