The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Thriving from the Evolution of Sales - John Barrows - Hard Corps Marketing Show #027

June 7, 2018

Tune in for this high powered episode that is set to motivate you to maximize your sales influence with expert sales trainer, blogger and overall sales wizard, John Barrows.

Learn how to do sales right by optimizing your Sales team’s performance through proper training and alignment with marketing.  We discuss the science behind sales, the importance of building context for leads and how sales reps can stay relevant during the rise of artificial intelligence. 


  • Technology is coming for sales whether they like it or not. Sales teams must be ready to adapt.
  • Take the information that technology can give you and put some context around it to make it successful.
  • Marketing is content. Sales is context.
  • Sales doesn’t need to be the content creator, rather it needs to be the content curator.
  • Marketing language is different than sales. Don’t send Marketing emails from Sales reps.
  • Don’t throw tier threes away. Use them to practice.
  • Sales reps, stop pitching solutions and start having conversations with your clients about their solutions.
  • Don’t rely on your demos to sell. Spend 10-15 min  discussing what your client really wants and what is relevant to them. Then customize the demo for them.
  • Great sales reps are the ones making connections, putting context around content and driving the economy forward.