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Unleash Your Primal Brain - Tim Ash - Hard Corps Marketing Show #251

April 8, 2021

To understand marketing you first need to understand the essential core of human beings. It’s time to learn about the foundations of what makes a person tick to then recognize how to best influence them.

A Marketing Thought Leader, Visionary, Keynote Speaker, Forbes Top 10 Online Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur Magazine Top 15, Best Selling Author of Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversations and now Unleash Your Primal Brain: The Essential Field Guide For Modern Marketers, Chief Strategy Advisor at SiteTuners, Tim Ash, dives into the exciting new discipline of neuromarketing and unconscious persuasion.



  • As a marketer, spend less time on the new technology and latest updates. Instead, focus on the evolutionary psychology basis of influencing people.
  • Elicit strong emotions to help your audience create memorable experiences about your brand. The brain is a big ignoring machine - influence those emotions!
  • Stories are fundamentally about the narrative of causality in the world. They are for us to get experience without going through the process. They are there to reinforce cultural beliefs and values.
  • Acknowledge people for who they are and make them feel seen with attention and intention. Ask questions, personalize, and unlock their passions to connect on a deeper level.
  • Career Advice: Understand who you are and look for the environments that you will thrive in.




Busted Myths:

  • The lie of rationality - there’s this notion that if we only made rational decisions, the world would be a better place. No decision can be made without emotions.


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