The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Unleashing Atomic Content Strategy - Rebecca Lieb - Hard Corps Marketing Show #012

March 22, 2018

Join us in the marketing lab to discover the secrets of content strategy with the ingenious Rebecca Lieb, founding partner & analyst at Kaleido Insights!

We unveil the importance of experimenting with content strategy, the value your internal team holds to help generate content, the difference between content strategy and content marketing, and per usual smash up myths!


  • Avoid being a content factory; quality over quantity
  • No content = no marketing
  • Content strategy is deciding the what, how to, & why
  • 3 content marketing buckets: inform/educate, entertain, & utility
  • Content marketing is the execution of a content strategy
  • Make a plan to measure strategy & metrics in relation to what matters internally
    • Ask how is the content helping the business?