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Video Marketing Entertainment - Todd Hartley - Hard Corps Marketing Show #161

June 15, 2020

Marketers buy into the idea that people have short attention spans, so their focus gets put onto keeping the content short.

A Keynote Speaker, 5x Telly Winner, Digital & Video Marketing Leader, and the CEO of WireBuzz, Todd Hartley, challenges marketers to create entertaining content that is so interesting that it actually holds the attention of their intended audience. The problem is not the audience’s attention span, it is that the content is not interesting to them.



  • “We don’t have an attention problem, we have an entertainment problem.” - Todd Hartley
  • Marketers need to be entertaining while they are telling their stories. Be sure to incorporate tension and visual stimulus, consider tempo, and lead to the next breakthrough, epiphany moment. 
  • The longer your video holds a prospect’s attention the more invested they become in the idea of your product or service. Many studies show that longer videos produce higher conversion rates.
  • Facebook and YouTube both advise video creators to make longer videos because it will keep viewers on the platform longer. Businesses should follow the same principles when creating videos for their website.
  • There is no magic number when it comes to the time length of a video. Take the time you need to tell the story with the crucial details, just as you would tell a story to your peers in real life.
  • There are three types of videos that every business should have, Explainer / Overview, Testimonial, and Implementation.
  • Integrating video platforms with your CRM and marketing automation technology, allows you to track the audience engagement with your videos and then alert your sales team, for example, when targeted accounts watch over 80% of your videos.
  • “People do business with people they have relationships with.” - Todd Hartley
  • Understand what your weaknesses are and build the process of strengthening them into your daily routine.
  • Career Advice - Tune out the people that don’t have faith in you. Get out of your own way because you could be your biggest obstacle.
  • Recognize the destabilizers in your life and politely remove them from your sphere of influence.




Busted Myths:

  • People have short attention spans. - People do not have short attention spans, they select where they want to give their attention. If content is interesting, humans will continue to consume it. That is why it is important to understand your audience and make sure that your content is entertaining and also speaks to their interests.
  • Shorter videos are better than longer videos because people will not pay attention. - Studies show that longer videos have higher conversion rates. The more time that a prospect spends watching your content, the more likely they are to buy from you.
  • Green screens should be used for better video production. - Green screens hide the real background of the subject. How are people supposed to trust the individual on the screen when they are hiding what is behind them? Build trust with your audience by being authentic and doing less special effects. 


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