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Web Design for Customer Growth - Chris Schreiber - Hard Corps Marketing Show #101

October 17, 2019

Are you a creative marketer that toils over the design of your websites, content, and digital marketing? Do most of the conversations in your marketing meetings revolve around color, shapes, fonts, and design? 

It might be time to shift your focus back to the top priorities, your customers and growth. A Thought Leader, Marketing Leader, and the CMO of, Chris Schreiber, challenges marketers to not get stuck on the finer details of aesthetics and to drive conversation around what really matters.



  • Marketing and product teams need to make sure they are aligned on the user journey.
  • In marketing, do not lose sight of what really matters, impacting growth in your company and speaking to the buyer’s journey. 
  • Do not make little details like style, color, font, and overall aesthetics the main focus of your internal marketing meetings.
  • Plan for change and be responsive to your audience when it comes to your company website. Be intentional and allow for time to make changes to the site.
  • Adwords can be used as a test to see what the best version of copy, keywords, and design is. What is your audience responding to? Put out a few different versions of google ads and analyze the click behavior of what your prospects engage with.
  • Align your digital marketing approach with sales enablement.
  • Activate your content that is in PDF and PowerPoint form, and get them online for your audience to interact with.
  • You have a greater likelihood for success in marketing when you can feel the same pain that your audience does. How can you empathize with your audience?




Busted Myths:

  • When marketers focus on decisions around aesthetics and design they are thinking strategically. - Not quite, marketers need to be thinking big picture and how they can market to the customer journey. Design is important in terms of style, color, and font, but it should not be the main focus.
  • Building the perfect website comes from internal marketing meetings. - Creating the perfect website is not brought to an actual product until it is tested from the users. The perfect website comes from being responsive to the user experience journey and making adjustments along the way. You cannot expect that a perfect website will come out of all your internal marketing meetings alone.


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