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“Where’s The Social?” - Brandon Rhoten - Hard Corps Marketing Show #237

January 28, 2021

With the growing tech world and large community outreach online it is hard to avoid the attraction of having a company social media presence. But how is the social being used? Is it just a strategy or does it represent a bigger position or purpose?

A Digital Strategy Media Leader; Global Chief Marketing Officer; Former VP of Advertising, Media, Digital, and Social Media at The Wendy’s Company; Former the Global CMO of Papa John’s International; Former Global CMO of Potbelly Sandwich Works; Brandon Rhoten, shares his wisdom on how to build a brand and stay true to its main objective.



  • Spend your time, money, and resources on platforms that cultivate a larger brand goal. A social media brand without a goal is like performing tactics without objectives. 
  • “Brands that are magic understand who they are in the world. They are comfortable in their own skin.” ~Brandon Rhoten 
  • Understand the emotional and functional needs that your brand fulfills for people. Use them as a baseline for communicating how you meet those needs in a compelling way.
  • Be true to the brand, not the tactic. Tactics, for example a spokesperson, should bring forward a larger position or objective rather than becoming the main focus.
  • “If you can take the logo and put it on a totally different category of product and you understand what that product would feel like you have a great brand. A great brand carries something bigger than featured benefit or product.” ~Brandon Rhoten
  • Career Advice: Save some money so you can take risks in your career.




Shout Outs:

  • 1:02:39 Seth Godin


Busted Myths:

  • Not every brand needs to be on social media. Social media is a strategy that can be used to further a larger goal that is bigger than the platform. However, it is not a requirement to create a great brand.


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