Thriving from the Evolution of Sales - John Barrows - Hard Corps Marketing Show #027

June 7, 2018

Tune in for this high powered episode that is set to motivate you to maximize your sales influence with expert sales trainer, blogger and overall sales wizard, John Barrows.

Learn how to do sales right by optimizing your Sales team’s performance through proper training and alignment with marketing.  We discuss the science behind sales, the importance of building context for leads and how sales reps can stay relevant during the rise of artificial intelligence. 


  • Technology is coming for sales whether they like it or not. Sales teams must be ready to adapt.
  • Take the information that technology can give you and put some context around it to make it successful.
  • Marketing is content. Sales is context.
  • Sales doesn’t need to be the content creator, rather it needs to be the content curator.
  • Marketing language is different than sales. Don’t send Marketing emails from Sales reps.
  • Don’t throw tier threes away. Use them to practice.
  • Sales reps, stop pitching solutions and start having conversations with your clients about their solutions.
  • Don’t rely on your demos to sell. Spend 10-15 min  discussing what your client really wants and what is relevant to them. Then customize the demo for them.
  • Great sales reps are the ones making connections, putting context around content and driving the economy forward.





One Hour Content Plan - Meera Kothand - Hard Corps Marketing Show #026

May 31, 2018

Don’t miss this one of a kind episode overflowing with insight from a marketing mastermind and content strategist all the way across the globe in Singapore, Meera Kothand. 

Learn tips about the process of coming up with a successful content strategy, the importance of establishing your business goals, how to come up with content that directs your audience right to where you want them and ultimately how to build a brand that means business!


  • You want to produce content that people will know what to do when they receive it.
  • Going viral can be a double edged sword. You want to capture the right audience, not the largest audience.
  • Email click rates and open rates are not conversions. Don’t depend on them for any serious data.
  • Try to be as authentic as possible with your content. People can now tell whether something is clickbait vs. authentic.
  • Tie your content plan closely with your business goals.
  • The goal of your content strategy should be to help your audience get from one point to the other. Almost like crossing a river.
  • It’s not enough to just write great content, you have to promote it.





What Marketing Can Learn from The Heart of a Teacher - Susan Baird - Hard Corps Marketing Show #025

May 25, 2018

Break out your notebook for this extraordinary episode loaded with tips on how to set up and run successful nurture campaigns with Cheshire Impact’s very own Marketing Automation Strategist Susan Baird!

With a background in teaching journalism, Susan shares her knowledge of writing content that gets your audience to care about what you have to say. Learn about what to keep in mind when crafting content, how to develop new content that keeps clients coming back and the importance of asking the ultimate question “who cares?” 



  • Lead nurturing needs to be intentional and well planned. It isn’t a magic formula that just attracts leads once you hit “go”.
  • It’s not about staying in front of people, it’s about being relevant.

  • It’s important to have a purpose and a goal when you nurture.

  • You can provide content without having to make all of it. Curated content can be helpful and build credibility even if it is attributed to someone else. Just don’t plagiarize.

  • Nurture campaigns can be a reflection of your business. Present in a positive manner.

  • Be helpful and offer value whether you end up getting the business or not.

  • Ask the question “who cares” to keep your content relevant and useful.

  • Take time to craft content your clients will care about.

  • Ask yourself the  “five W's and one H” (who, what, when, where, why & how) questions to keep your content specific relevant to your customer. 




Nurturing & The End of the Marketing Newsletter - Andrea Frasier - Hard Corps Marketing Show #024

May 22, 2018

Unleash the power of successful nurture campaigns and blast way past your competition with hard corps tips from a revenue optimization wizard Andrea Frasier, Senior Revenue Optimization Consultant at Cheshire Impact.

Learn how to build a winning marketing strategy by focusing on how to properly nurture leads, the importance of uniting arketing and sales teams for the strongest campaigns possible and how to harness personalization in your automation to speak directly to your customers.



  • Sales teams historically nurture, it might make sense to, rather than reinvent the wheel, to ask them what's up, see what kind of impact and input they have.

  • Don't give up on nurturing customers. Just because they aren't ready now, doesn't mean they won't be soon.
  • Marketing and Sales should learn to work together to successfully nurture leads.

  • Starting small is a good option. It’s okay to start with linear email campaigns to gather information. Monitor and tweak them as needed.

  • If you're not nurturing potential customers, they might restart the sales process, but not necessarily with you. It might be with another company because maybe that company was nurturing them.
  • Personalization is useful to successfully nurture, but it can go too far or the data can quickly get outdated.

  • Nurturing keeps you in the front of your customer’s mind.

  • If you're going to go the personal route with automated messaging, make the email look like someone hit compose new message instead of appearing too corporate.




Marketing Mojovation! - Joe Apfelbaum - Hard Corps Marketing Show #023

May 17, 2018

Get pumped up for this high energy, motivational episode discussing nurture campaigns and why they are so necessary for a winning strategy with Joe Apfelbaum, CEO of Ajax Union and author of Average Joe to CEO.

Learn all about how to boost your business’ success by using nurture campaigns, how to craft campaigns that speak directly to people and how to keep your business relevant and active with some serious “mojovation”.


  • It’s not about winners and losers. Instead it’s about winners and learners. You’ve got to keep learning. If you're not learning, you're not truly winning.

  • Marketing equals testing. You should always be testing and progressing. Stagnant strategies won’t carry you into the future.

  • Be tactful in order to be impactful.

  • Nurturing your leads is all about consistently staying in front of people. They will eventually come. You have to market and constantly change up your game based on the reactions that you're getting.

  • Take yourself out of the equation and focus on adding value to another’s life.

  • Educate your customers. An educated customer is the best customer.

  • Be a Rockstar. “People love rock stars because they show up fully and authentically.”




Unleash The Power Of Quality Content - Samantha Stone - Hard Corps Marketing Show #022

May 11, 2018

Gear up for this very exciting episode on how to create clear, effective content marketing with marketing master Samantha Stone - founder and CMO of the Marketing Advisory Network and author of Unleash Possible!

Learn all about why it is important to craft your messages directly and effectively by paying attention to your audience’s needs and why it’s important to develop a content schedule that optimizes your message for best results!




  • Edit your content and get feedback. It’s difficult for an individual to proof and edit his or her own work. Make an effort to have someone check your content and get a second opinion before releasing it.

  • Don’t force your content. Coming up with useful content takes time and it’s better to send clear and thoughtful content rather than ill-planned and  rushed content.

  • People consume content differently, that’s why it’s so important to recognize how your audience might process information. If you can determine their learning style you can craft your message to communicate clearly with them and get their attention.

  • Don’t force yourself to post daily content if it’s garbage. Take time to plan and choose the best routine for the best content you create.

  • Both businesses and consumers are a involved in complex sales and impulsive sales.  Learn to differentiate between the two to develop a clearer message and win their trust.





The Power of Storytelling Changes Everything - Tom Gerace - Hard Corps Marketing Show #021

May 3, 2018

Brace your brains for this exceptional episode on the future of marketing via brand storytelling with Tom Gerace, founder of Skyword!

Learn the methodology behind brand stories, why the marketing world has been turned upside down, how the brain uses storytelling to make decisions, and the myths that get absolutely obliterated!


  • Human discovery has changed; search & social have altered how people learn, act, & interact with brands & their relationships with them
  • Customers ignore & distrust marketing; what worked 5 years ago does not work anymore
  • The future = original storytelling that creates unique & valuable experiences for customers
  • The brain stores moments of change & whether the outcome was painful or pleasurable; decisions are made from emotionally referencing those moments
  • Stories are unique in their ability to affect how people think & behave; be responsible with that power  
  • Life goes out of balance & in order for marketing to be authentic, brands need to address that shit happens



The Social Doctor - Leila Samii - Hard Corps Marketing Show #020

May 1, 2018

Class is in session this episode with marvelous social media scholar Dr. Leila Samii, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Southern New Hampshire University!

Take a seat as we get schooled on the significance of empowering brand advocates, how to build relationships with a target audience, why some companies still don’t do social, and the myths that get smashed!


  • Stop only selling on social; that approach alienates people who just want to learn about the brand
  • 58% of companies don’t know their brand advocates; identify & use them!
  • Social media is all about content; providing it educates people about your brand!
  • Be social on social media; engage through likes, shares, & comments with your target audience
  • A first step in building brand awareness is following keywords related to your brand
  • Measure your strategy to be more intentional with content & to deliver what the audience actually wants



Feed the Need with Neuromarketing - Nancy Harhut - Hard Corps Marketing Show #019

April 26, 2018

Prepare to have your mind blown as we enter the realm of neuromarketing with the brillant Nancy Harhut, Chief Creative Officer of Nancy Harhut & Associates!

Unlock how behavioral science makes marketing more effective, the benefits of being cognitively fluent in copy, the force behind social proofs, and the myths that get crushed to the bone!  


  • 95% of decision making happens subconsciously!
  • Avoid the terrible twos: too much information & too many calls to action
  • Cognitive fluency in copy = more white space, shorter paragraphs, no jargon
  • Use “because” in copy; it’s a proven compliance trigger
  • Utilize availability bias before asking a prospect to buy; ask them to recall or imagine a time your product/service would’ve helped them
  • How to make testimonials more effective:
    • Start the story with skepticism since buyers are skeptic towards marketers
    • Use a testimonial in which the giver’s situation is relevant to the buyer’s



Creative Secrets of the Marketoonist - Tom Fishburne - Hard Corps Marketing Show #018

April 24, 2018

Find out the value content marketing holds for humanizing a brand with the extraordinarily talented Tom Fishburne, creator of the Marketoonist!

We bring to light why the audience should be the hero in storytelling, how empathy in content marketing is super effective, that creativity and content marketing requires true dedication, and as always smash myths to bits!


  • Replace a viral approach with a continuity mindset for content marketing
  • Connecting with the audience is a privilege; provide something useful!
  • Approach content marketing with empathy; show you understand your audiences’ pain points
  • Establish a system for the creative process & set aside time for it
  • Commit to creating an ongoing relationship with the audience; that investment is worth far more than one viral piece of content
  • Avoid one size fits all content marketing; target different audiences & experiment!